Prophetic Words

This page highlights prophetic revelations from within our fellowship that we feel the Lord would have us share with you. 

Please also read our vision.

November 14th,  2003   Barbara Wentroble & Doug Fortune  To SACF/Ministries

July 21, 1995 - If you build it, He will come, then...

April 8, 1998 - Stanley Hammond

June 17, 1998 - Dream while at New York State Men’s Advance

June 26, 1998 - Vision

December 14, 1998 - Prophetic “Sacrifice” Revelation

June 24, 1999 – During evening worship

July 6, 1999 - Tuesday Evening Home Fellowship Meeting

August 10, 1999 – Tuesday Evening Home Fellowship Meeting

August 17, 1999 – 7:00 PM, Tuesday Home Fellowship

June 4, 2000 - The Five Fold Ministry

February 15th - 17th 2001 - Word By Michael Scantlebury

April 21, 2001 7:00 PM ~ Word By Jim Goll

3:33 am June 27, 2001- Call unto Me, and I will answer


July 21st 1995 - "If you build it, He will come, then they will come!"

In July of 1995 out of curiosity I and several men went to a conference (my first one) called the East coast Leadership Conf., hosted by Rob Stearns (Eagles Wings Ministries). The conference was held at Bethel Full Gospel church in Rochester, NY the place where Amie Semple McPherson used to preach. One of the main speakers was Mike Bickle. Before he preached the closing message, the Lord gave me a vision of the Marriage Supper at Cana. I went to Rob Stearns and shared the vision that the Lord gave me. He finally introduced me just before Mike Bickle. I shared this with the people that I had seen the marriage feast recorded in John 2: 1-11 and Jesus' mother telling the stewards of the THIRD DAY wedding feast to do as he said (Vs 3). I then saw Jesus take old wineskins and new wineskins and mix them together and send them out into the harvest. Mike Bickle then got up, looked my way and showed me his notes. He was going to speak on the wedding feast at Cana. We left that conference blasted, in the car I had a vision of all these cars leaving Rochester, NY on FIRE taking this fire back to their homes. Upon arriving home on July 21st 1995 (that day) and getting ready for our FGBMFI convention the next day, I was sitting in the bathroom, all of a sudden I began to have this VISION of thousands of people and cars lined up on the Thruway searching across the radio for information on this seemingly massive revival/outpouring that was going on. People were running furiously around trying to get closer to this building. I saw men trying to set up speakers outside so people could hear what was going on. Space limits all that I saw. I was so over come by the Holy Spirit and I exhaled so hard my head went between my knees, it was like laughing and crying at the same time but nothing was coming out.

Then I heard this voice say:

"If you build it, they will come"

At this point I really came unglued.

I remembered at the East Coast Leadership conference during a question and answer session with Dr. Gary Kellner of the Assembly's of God and John Arnott of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, this statement was made by John Arnott. He took out of his pocket a marble with the Earth painted on it, he then made this remark "some people think God is in heaven wringing his hands, pacing back and forth and thinking He doesn't know the politics in Syracuse". After the meeting we went up to John and asked what he meant about Syracuse, he said " aren't we in Syracuse"? We said "no you're in Rochester" We have this on the conf. video.

When I finally could get up I called my friend, (Bill Schoberlien) in ministry to tell him about the vision and when I told him he said, "If you build it, they will come" He had never seen the movie Field of Dreams. I then called Dave Wiggins our FGBMFI field rep and told him, the first thing out of his mouth was "If you build it, they will come" he had never heard of the movie either. I was the President, Bill was the Vice President and Dave was the Field rep. of FGBMFI, out of the mouths of two or three witnesses shall every word be established! This experience has been imbedded in my heart and memory all these years.

January 14th-16th 2000, my wife Roseanne and I went to the pastor's conference at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. We had heard that Tommy Tenney had spoken two very powerful messages on Wednesday and Thursday. We were in the bookstore and Roseanne came up and said, "look at this". It was Tommy's new book titled "God's Favorite House", If you build it, He will come". I became very excited, so much so that we bought the audiotapes to listen to on the way home and ordered the videos.

Sunday after church we left for home and as we listened to the tapes God again affirmed and confirmed what I had seen in July of 1995 "If you build it, they will come"! And if He will come, they will come, He spoke of the movie Field of Dreams and how God is looking for a house, a place to come and dwell in like the Tabernacle of David. In the second tape he spoke on the unity of the body of Christ it was as if he knew all of the prior revelation God had shown me. We were both REJOICING in tears as we drove back to Syracuse.

Where does this put us in Gods timetable? How close are we to the fulfillment of His Promises only He knows, but I sense we are closer than we have ever been before.

Time and space does not permit me to tell the half of all that has taken place. Many times I get overwhelmed by the Revelations I've had and sometimes wonder?

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June 17, 1998

Business Men's Fellowship/USA

New York State Men’s Advance

(June 13, 1998 @ Silver Bay, Lake George, NY)

2:00 AM Early Saturday Morning

Dream by James C. Exner

I saw in this dream the word “Parable”. I then saw the number “1953”. The dream began with a man being “Born,” and living to become a mature Man of “30”. At this point, the Man had a heart attack. As He recovered, the Doctor said “If You don’t change Your Diet and Exercise routine You will have another heart attack and possibly Die”. The Man didn’t take Heed and proceeded on with His life.

At the age of “40”, the Man had another heart attack causing Massive heart damage. The Doctor did a Bypass procedure. Again the Doctor told the Man, he needed to change his Diet and Exercise routine. Again the Man didn’t take Heed. Soon the Man Suffered a Major heart attack. As He was lying on the floor, being watched by many men, Jesus walked up and looked down at him, gazing upon him. The dream ended at this point.

The Interpretation

The Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International was founded in 1953. Birthed

The “30” represents the age of maturity. Manhood and/or the priesthood

The heart attack represents disobedience to God’s Perfect will.

1953 to 1983 is 30 yrs. Prior to 1983, the Prophet Bob Jones prophesied the church would go through the Joseph’s dungeon syndrome, beginning in 1984. At the end of 10 years she would come out - the Baker (Jim Baker)? would lose his head, but the wine-cup bearer would serve new wine to the king. That year was 1994. Could that be the Father’s Blessing (the new wine) pouring out in Toronto? Many ministries including FGBMFI began to struggle spiritually.

In 1993-94 the Heart bypass was done: FGBMFI split and a new fellowship – Business Men's Fellowship/USA was formed.

The Doctor - God the Father.

Diet and Exercise - Unwillingness to move with the GLORY cloud. Not able to discern the times.


Jesus--looking and gazing: Is he alive or dead

In 1994, The Syracuse, NY chapter went with BMF/USA and in October 1994 began SERVING the NEW WINE to the KING and His servants.

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June 26, 1998 - Vision

In June of 1998 I had a vision during worship on Sunday morning. I saw a Globe (the earth). The waters were "blue" and the landmasses were "green". All of a sudden little "black dots" began to appear all over the land masses and as fast as the dots appeared "black lines" began to connect the dots. The earth seemed to be suspended in space as I looked at it, then I seemed to move away from the earth and it looked like the earth was in a fishing net (like a trout net).

It was then that I moved farther away and realized there was a HAND holding the net. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that it was the HAND OF THE LORD and he was making a "worldwide network" the black dots are "cities" and the black lines are the net "connections" HE IS MAKING. In October of that year I was picking up some brush and underneath was a BLUE rubber ball with raised GREEN landmasses.

Is that a SIGN that makes you WONDER? I just bought my first ever computer in December of 1997; now I’m NETWORKED with many new friends all over the Earth. Also our fellowship (Syracuse Airport Christian Fellowship/Ministries) is networked with many ministries and 5-fold ministry leaders from around the nation.

James C. Exner


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Prophetic “Sacrifice” Revelation

December 14, 1998

Note: This story actually took place. With great humility and permission from Dick's wife, Deanna, we submit it for the Glory of God.

James Exner, Ministry Leader

Syracuse Airport Christian Fellowship/Ministries

In December of 1998 we had Dale Rumble as our speaker for the month. He was the speaker for December 3 & 4th and my pastor had asked him to minister at our church on the Sunday the 5th. Dale was staying with us and as he was sitting at the dinning room table he said "Jim as a father in the Faith, I am telling you, you cannot oversee two ministries (Business Men's Fellowship USA and Syracuse Airport Christian Fellowship/Ministries). You have to serve one or the other.” I told him I received that as from the Lord. At this point in time I had been the primary leader of BMF/USA (FGBMFI) for 26 yrs, and SACF/M since July 29th, 1997 and served the Lord faithfully. I had felt the Lord pulling me away from BMF/USA ever since the Toronto Renewal had impacted our lives. How do you walk away from a ministry you have poured your life into and loved doing?

That Monday evening was our regular business meeting and we all looked forward to getting together. Dave Wiggins, Frank Ramano, Bill Schoberlien, Dave Daignault, Ted Drayer, Donald Bolongne, Frank Saya, Skip Praxl, were men who loved Jesus and we wanted to see others won to HIM! We all had gathered at Franks Romano’s house. At this time Dave Wiggins and Frank Ramano felt they could not continue to serve as officers due to their age. I realized at this time God had given me an opportunity to step down. I shared what I felt God was telling me to do in regards to BMF/USA. We closed down the chapter that night.

Later in the week Dave Wiggins called me and said “I called the International Director and he said we should have a meeting to see if anyone wanted to continue on with BMF/USA.” That meeting was held on December 14, 1998, and 30 men showed up for that meeting at the Sacred Melody Bookstore. To my amazement there were people I hadn’t seen in years and some I never met. There was a time of introduction and a brief explanation of why we were meeting. Dave Wiggins shared that we were meeting to see if anyone wanted to continue the Syracuse chapter; I was going to share why I was stepping down from leadership and the VISION I believed the Lord had given me.

We began to praise the Lord in song and the Voice of the Lord said, “Open your Bible to Genesis 15.” This totally took me by surprise. As I began to read the story of God coming to Abraham in a VISION, (the word of the Lord came to Abraham Vs 1) “I AM your shield, your exceedingly great reward”. Abraham wants to know when the Lord’s promise will be fulfilled.

God then says (paraphrased) in Vs 9 “bring Me a three-year-old heifer, three-year-old ram, a turtledove, and a pigeon, i.e. a SACRIFICE. God is setting the stage for a “covenant – cutting” ceremony with Abraham. He then directs Abraham to CUT the Bull and Goat in HALF (down the middle) at this point; (Vs 11) Abraham has to drive the VULTURES away. I was given immediate revelation from the Lord: {THE VULTURES ARE HERE!}

My heart began to race and I thought excitedly, I must share this. The voice of the Lord said, “do not do that.” I closed my Bible and placed it on the table.

Worship then ended and Dave Wiggins turned the meeting over to me to share the VISION with the men. I began to share what God had showed me and called me to do. Just as I was ending a lady from the bookstore came in and said, “there’s a phone call for Dave” (we thought Wiggins), the call was actually for Dave Daignault. Just as I was closing Dave came in and said “Dick Hildebrandt just passed away”.

NOTE: Dick was a member of our home fellowship and had just recently, through renewal had rededicated his life and heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. Dick had recently retired and was on fire for God, he loved the song WE WILL RIDE. He was a diabetic and had arthritis and was very tired, he wanted to go HOME, he stated “he was prepared to go and be with Jesus”. The records show that at the precise moment that I had ended sharing, Deanna his wife had received the phone call from the hospital. She remembered that I was in the process of sharing the vision and stepping down from president of BMF/USA to devote full time to the newly formed Syracuse Airport Christian Fellowship/Ministries. She later revealed this to me allowing me to share this whole story publicly as a testimony of God’s faithfulness.

In the commotion of the moment the International Director stood up and said, “ALL those who are going to go with Jim on this side of the room and ALL those who are going to stay with BMF/USA on the other side”! I could not believe my sight or my hearing. Before my very eyes I was seeing a type of Genesis 15 being fulfilled as he spoke. A vision was shared and a covenant was cut with a sacrifice provided along with vultures to fight off. At this point I left to go be with the family. There were many other things, which transpired that evening which are to numerous to share because of space. God in his faithfulness to his children will call, lead, and confirm his WORD by demonstrating great signs and wonders.

"Is this a Sign that makes you Wonder?"

James Exner

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June 24, 1999 – During evening worship

Vision by James C. Exner

Thursday night during a time of intense intimate worship, I began to see a vision of a dark forest (I was standing in it). I couldn’t see very much because of the darkness, the "tall dark trees" were all around. The incredible SOUND coming from the musicians "was like a SOUND from heaven."  Many "leaves" had fallen from the trees and covered the ground. The SOUND caused "amber coals" to begin to "glow under the leaves". The sun began to dawn and rise. As I looked through the trees, to the rising sun, I could see a vast "ocean of waters" and light began to shine through the "dark tall trees". They blocked much of the sunlight. The SOUND became louder and more intense as the sun rose higher and the ambers glowed brighter. The "trees blocked" much of the sun’s rays but the ambers glowed brighter as the sun rose higher and more light beams shown through the trees. The ambers glowed so hot that the leaves caught on fire, thousands all over the forest floor. A fire began to rage and consume the forest. One by one, the trees fell and light from the rising sun flooded the whole forest.

The Interpretation

The Lord began to reveal to me the interpretation as I pondered over the scenes. The colors were extraordinary. The darkness seemed to mean blindness or lack of vision because of the rising sun. The Lord showed me that Jesus is the rising Son. The SOUND is all creation responding to Jesus being lifted up or raised up. The ocean was blue and it speaks of the nations (many waters). But it was the "trees" that seemed to stand out. They were "tall" and "dark". As I kept thinking of the trees, the Lord brought to remembrance the blind man in Mark 8. After Jesus had touched him, the man said "I see men as trees walking".

Who are these tall dark men who stand and block the Son’s rising?

Who keeps the Son’s light from reaching inside the forest?

The scripture says "all creation groans and labors" with birth pangs (Romans 8:22). The "fallen leaves" represent the lives of believers that have "fallen from the trees" to the ground and have no life and are dry. The glowing ambers are believers who have responded to the SOUND and begin to spontaneously ignite the dead dry leaves.

The Conclusion

Now that the forest is consumed and burnt out, not many trees are left standing and new life begins to come forth. As I was writing this down, the Holy Spirit brought to my heart that "it’s good to go into the forest and thin out the older and taller trees and allow more LIGHT for new younger trees to mature faster". Then I remembered the purpose of pruning, to bring forth more fruit.

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July 6, 1999 - 7:00 PM: Tuesday Evening Home Fellowship

It was a hot (94 and humid) day and I thought everyone would not come to home fellowship. But amazingly for the third straight week a cool air front passed through just before 7:00 PM, bringing WIND, LIGHTNING, THUNDER, and RAIN. The temperature went down to a comfortable and cool 76 degrees with all fans on.

I had programmed a song line up, and Prepare the Way began to play. Then Steve, David & Mary, Diane, the Ashley’s, Linda, Carol Clark, Mac, Carol, David Wright, Roseanne and I began to worship. When the second song started to play (Sweet Wind) the Holy Spirit prompted me to get the Elijah List e-mail called A season of Suddenlies and “get your Bible.” Once I did that the phone rang just as the song Let Your Glory Fall, it was my first born son Jeff telling me the good news our first “Exner” grandson was going to be born Nov. 6. The Exner name will go on.

David then picked up a Festival of Joy flyer as the River of Joy song by Georgian Banov played. I then gave him a rough draft of the October 28-30th Apostolic & Prophetic Equippers conference. He then showed everyone. Then we all began to shout “ho, ho, ho” and David laid the flyers on the floor. We all began to shout, dance, and clap around the flyers. Then David brought out a large gold key and laid it on the floor. Holy Spirit pandemonium broke out. I blew the shofar, took up the Sword, and we all grabbed the sword and raised it up as Hail to the King and Unto the King Eternal played. One by one we all ended up on the floor with the flyer’s, shofar, sword, and the gold key. Mary Beth took the key and laid it on David’s back. More loud shouts and yells with many “Ho, Ho’s” coming forth!!!!!!!

At this point I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to go and get the 3 decorator Bricks (red) I had brought home from work a couple of weeks ago (I don’t know why I saved them, but now I know)! I raced down the stairs and outside, picked up the Bricks and ran into the garage to the inside door. My foreword motion and the door not opening stopped me cold. Unfortunately the 3 Bricks kept going and broke through the glass window, cutting my finger. I finally got the door open (Kris Ashley ran down to see what had happened). I ran upstairs and placed the 3 Decorator Bricks “together” (they fit together, I put some Blood from my finger on the middle brick) along with the other Prophetic intercession objects (shofar, sword, the gold key, and the two flyers). Karl Ashley leaned over and said “communion!" So I got up and prepared the elements. When the song We Will Dance began to play the song leader said “are you ready to Feast?" We answered “YES” and shared the Feast together.

NOTE: When the Schoeberlein's and us were at the Abide in the Vine Church in Owego, NY, Bill saw a banner saying “1Chronicles 14:11; the God of master breakthroughs” (Baal Perazim).

Does the three bricks smashing through the glass door, and the door opening in the Spirit because God provided a “gold key” to David, coupled with the shofar and sword, signify a breakthrough?

Does the Spirit seem to be telling us what the Father is doing when you (1) read the Elijah List e-mail, titled A Season of Suddenlies, on Tuesday, July 6, 1999, then (2) on the next day read a Season of Birthing sent at 9:30 PM on Tuesday July 6, after home fellowship was over. On the eighth of July, two days after the other two e-mails, we read one dated Tuesday June 29, titled Restoring Vision, Hope, and Faith. The Spirit told us what He was going to do, then He did it at home fellowship, and then He confirmed it by e-mail. (The Elijah List).

Is our vision now going to breakthrough and begin to be manifested? We must have faith that what was done through prophetic intercession (Tuesday, July 6) will now become manifest in the natural. Glory be to God and His Son by the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Note: on the eve of Independence Day, July 4, 1999, there was a severe storm like the one on the eve of Labor Day, September 6, 1998. Are these events prophetically significant? Last year on Labor Day there was a beginning of labor (birthing). This year, during Independence Day, has freedom and liberty now come? Has something been born?


James C. Exner

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August 10, 1999 – Tuesday Evening Home Fellowship Meeting

We began the meeting with a prelude from a CD of Kevin Scott and then the worship began with Prepare the Way by Don Potter. As the worship proceeded the Holy Spirit prompted me to begin using the Elijah Task and the Northeast Regional Prophetic and Conference Center overheads. At this point, I realized there was a visitor in our group. (We later found out she was from an intercessor group from MorningStar/Fellowship/Ministries visiting Syracuse). She had heard of our group from Melanie Wadsworth whom she met at a MorningStar Conf. in Charlotte, NC in April. The worship turned into a time of intense warfare/intercession. Everyone seemed to really enter in. Dave Daignault communicated later that when he came in during the first song, he sensed an incredible presence. Maxine, the visitor, said that when she first got out of her car and heard the song "Prepare the Way," she ran around the front of her car and jumped over the stone wall, ran to the front door and into the house. She said later that it sounded just like a meeting at MorningStar. She also communicated an intense presence of the Holy Spirit.

As the worship progressed, I searched for a theme for what was happening, but I drew a blank. I became frustrated and anxious because I was not hearing anything. As I searched through the word of God, I had an impression about when Jesus breathed on his disciples. I began to look in the book of John and came to chapter 19:42 where upon I saw "Preparation Day." Then the inner thought came about another "Preparation Day" in Exodus 19:10-15. At this point, I began to see an incredible unfolding of God wanting to speak to us. Worship continued and I had a thought to take different kinds of anointing oil (frankincense and myrrh /rose of Sharon). I gave containers to different people and anointed their hands and told them, "lay your hands on a part of your body that needs a touch of healing from God, then turn to the person next to you and tell them to do the same thing. (Pass it on)." The Holy Spirit began to show me the teaching to bring to the people. The text that was used was from Exodus and John. Everyone seemed to be receiving intensively. There were many people who shared their thoughts and insights. We then entered into a time of prayer. We were praying for Karl Ashley because he was meeting the next day with international bankers of Intrade USA and was scheduled to play golf with the owners of a local real-estate company. (There were communications with Karl and his associates about this local real-estate company entering into the financial arrangements with Benderson Corp. and Intrade USA for the BJ's building).

We were fervently interceding for an anointing on Karl and the meetings at when the sound speaker setting in the corner of the living room, fell over on the large clay statue of Moses holding the Ten Commandments over his head. (The statue had been given by Hazel Watkins to me as a gift last spring). The speaker fell on top of the Moses statue with a crash and the tablets pierced the veil and punctured the mid-range speaker (hi - mid range – low = Father – Son – Holy Ghost). It startled us and we all knew something prophetic had just taken place. The Lord impressed upon me that Jesus by His death on the cross, allowed us to go beyond the veil of the "Holy of Holies" into the presence of God.

The next day (Wednesday), I phoned Karl to talk about the meeting he had. He was excited: during their devotions that morning, Karl and Kris read II Corinthians chapters 3 and 4. When I read it, I too was excited. When Roseanne read the Peterson translation to me that evening, we broke out laughing. God confirmed that something indeed did happen prophetically and that there was a tremendous breakthrough in the heavenlies and will proceed into the natural.

While at church Sunday (8/15/99) Maxine told her family and friend’s about the incident. She said "I was sitting there as they were praying for this man and it was if the speaker was thrown over not just fell over." Jim Exner

Dave Daignault read the scripture Jim spoke about in Hebrews 12:24-29 about the earth and heavens being shook once more in the last days.

Ted Drayer mentioned during the teaching that he and Bonnie had just watched the movie "Moses" the night before (Monday) and was amazed that the scene about the mountain shaking was portrayed just as the scripture related during the teaching.

Karl Ashley shared how at Pinecrest a couple of weeks ago Wade Taylor had given a message on this very subject "Moses and the Third Day."

Today (8/17/1999) - We received a letter from Pinecrest Bible Training Center. Inside was a tract message entitled "A call to turn aside" by Wade Taylor. It was about Moses turning aside to see the burning bush.

Exodus 19 speaks of the old covenant at which time the Law was given. The people had to prepare and consecrate themselves before they entered into that covenant. Verse 11 reads "let them be ready for the third day. For on the third day the Lord will come down on Mount Sinai in the sight of all the people. "There was a day of preparation and consecration for the Third Day. In Genesis 1:9-13, the third day of creation, God gathered the waters into one place into the seas and brought forth all living trees, grass, fruit and seeds that yields according to its kind. The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ ushered in the New Covenant. He was the ultimate preparation. He prepared the way for us today to enter into the new covenant. There is another shift in the heavenlies. We have been hearing for some time that the Moses generation is passing away and the Joshua generation is to rise up and enter into the promise land to take our inheritance. We are again about to realize the fullness of the New Covenant. But there is a time of preparation that is necessary. The Body of Christ is entering a time of greater anointing, revelation and manifestation of the glory of Christ. We prophetically proclaim that fact every week when people of all churches (streams or waters) meet on Tuesday, the third day of the week. God is confirming that we, along with many other fellowships, are moving in the Spirit to prepare the way for the Joshua generation. I believe the breaking of the statue of Moses with the Ten Commandments is a prophetic symbol that we are to leave the bondage and death of the letter of the law and the spirit of religion and move into the freedom, grace and anointing of the New Covenant. In the New Covenant, Jesus is our example of how we are to live and move and have our being in the Holy Spirit. As in Exodus 19 there is a call of the Spirit to prepare and sanctify ourselves for another third day experience where the entire world will see His glory. Dave Daignault.

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August 17, 1999 – 7:00 PM, Tuesday Home Fellowship

We had a very exciting time of worship. I was hoping we would see Father God move as we had experienced His Presence the week before. I had decided to recap what had happened last week because the Holy Spirit had shown several of us some interpretation and application and bring all those who were not there up to date. We all shared our perceptions and thoughts. Some had testimonies of how this experience had affected them. We all believed that the speaker falling after (1) 5 yrs of being in the same place and landing on the statue of Moses, (2) piercing the linen veil, (3) then puncturing the mid range speaker (4) smashing the clay statue of Moses, was not a coincident. It was a very good discussion.

We then prayed and asked God’s blessing on the Sundae’s (ice cream) we were about to make. Everyone had brought his or her favorite ice cream and topping. The children were excited much talking and fun was being had by all.

All of a sudden the lights began to flicker on and off. Everything went black. The children began to cry, and mostly everyone had their sundae in their hand. If you can imagine 35 people in my house, half of them with ice cream sundaes in their hands, remember the little children? Well there was quite a commotion. I said in aloud voice "everyone hold still". Because I knew the house I knew where to go and what to do. I ran into the bedroom and got the large candle I have there just for times like these. I came back out and lit the candle. This brought some calmness and at least the children became quite. I said, " give me 2 more minutes" and ran downstairs opened the garage door, pulled out the generator and started it up. I hit the main breaker and all the lights came on. Everyone cheered. While outside I noticed the whole neighborhood was pitch black. As I went back upstairs the phone began ringing and I answered it. My brother who lives up the street said, "do you have electricity"? I said " no and yes, because I have an Alternate Source". He hung up and Linda Webster said " lets go outside with the shofars and banners and march around the perimeter of you property. Earlier in the evening I had shared how someone had thrown eggs at our house and spun their cars around in our front yard so that’s when she suggested warfare on the enemy. We all said, " let’s go". When we got outside we started to march around the yard blowing the shofars and waving the banners and flags. We walked under the grape arbor and around the apple trees, someone noticed all the "Fruit" and said, "wow the trees are loaded with fruit". When we got to the front yard, the Holy Spirit said, "look at your house". It was all lit up and it looked glorious! Then He said, "now look at the neighborhood". It was pitch black (dark). Then the Holy Spirit gave me REVELATION concerning your house and neighborhood. He said "your house represents the Land of Goshen, all lit up and Glorious, it has light given by ME; now look at the neighborhood, it’s dark (pitch black) that’s what the difference will be between MY kingdom and theirs. We all rejoiced with that word and shouted " AMEN"! The Lord said "He will provide and care for us, He will be our guiding LIGHT".


I believe the Lord is preparing us for the next LEVEL!

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“Call unto Me, and I will answer”

3:33 am, June 27th 2001 (Jeremiah 33:3)

I went to bed on June 26th and was awakened at 3:33 am. As I looked at the clock A voice yelled at me "Call unto me and I will answer thee and show you Great and Mighty things that you do not Know... As I went to the bathroom and sat down His Voice (I believe) said again "If you call for fire, I will send Fire, If you call for Thunder and Lightning, I will send thunder and lightning, If you call for Rain I will send rain.

As I went and lay back down I looked at the clock again and it was 3:35. I lay there half-awake and half-sleeping. Then He (I believe) said, "Generals Go through a lifetime of training, they learn all the Strategies and Protocol and are PROMOTED through the ranks, where as junior officers they learn through practical experience WARFARE. Most Generals leave the Service aged and with much wisdom and experience. When a WAR is emanate the Commander in Chief (The King) CALLS UP the General and puts him in charge of the entire forces of the nation at war. (Remember this is a one way conversation) Then the Commander in Chief GIVES AUTHORITY to His Generals to WAGE WAR against the enemy. To do this the Commander in Chief allows a wartime DRAFT and RECRUITMENT. Then He appropriates the PROVISION to WAGE the WAR... I tell you, this began to cause me to question the Voice. When I was thinking this He says this; "If you think this is you imagining this or thinking or dreaming this" I tell you I began your training the day you went into the Military service! If you do not believe Me go get your Military discharge papers and LOOK AT the DATE!

I got up and searched for my retirement folder and lo and behold the day I went into the Army was June 27th, 1963!!!, the very date that this was going on (June 27th 2001).

April 15th, 2009

Addendum; While sleeping in our Gloucester MA motel room at Cape Ann early on the morning of April 15, 2009 I began to be awakened by the Spirit. I began to be reminded of this incident that happened June 27th 2001.

The Spirit reminded me that I had been in training from the point of June 27th 1963 - my enlistment date upon entry into the US Army - to June 27th 2001.


I was reminded that from the time of my salvation in August 1971 to June of 2001 was thirty (30) years, the age that PRIESTS were taken into the ministry of the Lord. WOW. The actual process of my salvation began in late June of 1971 with a phone call by a church friend of Roseanne’s. My first encounter with the Holy Spirit was in July at a FGBMFI breakfast, which I promptly ran out of. It was two weeks later when I had an Private Encounter with the Holy Spirit in our bathroom as I was installing a tile floor. Then it was the final encounter with the Holy Spirit in August that resulted in my salvation. SEE main Vision for this story.


My main thought when being showed this last evening at @3:00 am was to show me, we as believers are sealed for a task that we have been chosen for in this hour from the time of our salvation and even from our natural birth. JCE



On July 22nd 2001 during the church send off for SACF/M at Trinity Assembly of God with Marc Dupont ministering at the evening service, my wife and I were leaving the church for the last time I looked at my watch for some reason. The TIME was 9:26 PM. I do not know why I observed the time. When we returned home the following post from Chuck Pierce was in my email inbox.


From Chuck Pierce

Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 21:27:02 EDT (9:27)

Subject: (no subject)


Dear James: I just read your email. Very interesting. First of all, God is saying Jeremiah 33:3 to the Body. I hear the Lord saying I have trained many to release divine revelation at this time. The revelation that is within them I have stored there as a treasure but now I am going to call it out. Many have been hidden in caves, but now I am calling them out.

I  believe you have had some tremendous training that God will use in days ahead. Be ready to move and impart to those people He will connect with you with at the right time.


Chuck Pierce


Barbara Wentroble & Doug Fortune

November 14th,  2003



Arise & Shine. We want to pray over Syracuse Airport Church tonight. Can we thank them for hosting this event? It takes a lot of work to do something like this.

Now Father tonight we want to thank you for Syracuse Airport Church. We thank you for the mantle that is on them and all that you have called them to do. Tonight I kept hearing the Spirit of the Lord say Risk Takers – Risk Takers!

And the Lord said I have called this congregation to be Risk Takers. For the Lord says that it is in taking … it’s a risk in the natural but it is NOT a risk in God. For the Lord says I have put FRESH VISION UPON YOU and THIS THAT I AM DOING, Know it’s only in the early stages of this that I’ve called you to do.


For the Lord says The Days Ahead I AM going to cause your Apostolic Lines to go out from this place. And I say you will connect with many across the land that are looking for a spiritual Father – That are looking for Spiritual Parents – that are looking for those that will allow them to connect; so that they can come into all that the Lord has and so then the Lord would just say to you tonight KNOW That These Are Only Early Days – For God says there has been a grace on you in these last 5 years. It has been a supernatural Grace that is upon you. But, I say Now  your  coming into a season where I shall put such Apostolic Grace- it shall be Mega Grace that is upon you –Mega Grace to do this thing – that the Lord has called you to do.


And the Lord would just say to youKnow that this is a time that I caused you to step from where you are into the New Place. For the Lord says This is the time that I’m going to begin to connect even as these Apostolic Lines go out. I say there shall be connections in the Spirit because God says I am creating A Family. And I say “The Family that I am creating; The Lord would say KNOW it will be of my choosing – For you shall NOT have to make this thing happen. But know that I Shall Do it by my Spirit – so the Lord says, Don’t even try to figure out how this thing is going to happen. But, I say they shall even come and knock on your door and say Please Open Up To Us. And I say – You Shall Embrace Them. And the Lord would just say Know that this is a New Season for you.


The Lord says Stop Apologizing For Being Who You Are – Stop Apologizing For The Demonstration Of My Spirit In Your Midst.  I say you think you’ve seen demonstrations of my spirit – You’ve NOT SEEN ANYTHING YET – For I’m Getting Ready In This Hour To Pour Out My Spirit In New Ways and I say the Supernatural Signs & Wonders Shall Be A Trademark of This House! I say this is an hour that I shall cause You To Rise To A New Level Of Faith – And You Shall Believe Me For That Which You Have Not Seen In Past Days. And Even as Paul was one that said – I didn’t come with enticing words of man’s wisdom – I would say – You Shall Not be Known For Enticing Words Of Man’s Wisdom – But I say You Shall Be Known For A Demonstration Of The Power of the Spirit Of God! So I say – Embrace Your Identity Tonight!  I say Embrace The Call of God! I say Stop Apologizing For Who You Are and Be Who I Called You To Be! 


Doug Fortune


November 14th 2003

Syracuse Airport Christian Fellowship…

Thus far you have only been on the runway…

And the runway has been good…

And you have been gaining speed…

But thus far you’ve only been on the runway of what I have planned for you

But know that the end of the runway is coming quickly…

And its time to pull up…

Its time to pull up…

Its time to come up higher…