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Advance in the Fresh Anointing Conference

Mt. Zion Church, Utica NY

June 5th, 2003

During The Senior Pastors Prophetic Presbytery

 Roseanne and James:

Father we bless Roseanne and James.


Right Now; Praying in Tongues

The Lord says; ďyouíll still go to those nations that I spoke to you about before, but youíve got to build a base, to build a head quarters. You have to build saints and intercessors before you go. Plus I didnít want you to go by yourself, to be a one man show. I want you to get teams, so I want you to apostolically raise up teams that are equipped with evangelism view with a heart for peopleĒ.

And the Lord says, ďinstead of you going and getting all the ministry, and doing all the work, Iíve held you still and Iíve settled you in to raise up a company of Prophets and Apostles to raise up evangelists, teachers and raise up warriors, raise up laborers for the harvestĒ.

For the Lord says, ďIíve given you a harvest mentality. Iíve given you a harvest for souls and a desire for people to get saved and filled with the Holy Ghost but then get the religious spirit that says I have to compromise, not be too fanatical, not be too worshipful. But I want your Worship to be set on fire; I want your worship to be wild and victorious, and powerful. I want the devil to get nervous when he comes to your church. I want him not to feel comfortable; I donít want religious spirits to feel comfortable. I want them to get delivered and I want people to come into life and on fire because Iím going to stir up the warrior spirit in your church. I want to see labor-ship, people going to get a zeal and a fire to go to the missions, to go on trips to get the job done. And youíre going to get some raised up in your church that will want to go to the streets. Donít hold them back , donít wait till they are perfect, let them go in their imperfections because I called you when you were imperfect and I started using you before you were perfect. So donít try to make them measure up. Youíve got a high standard, thatís good but donít try to make them be perfect and meet all your standards before they are launched into the supernatural for Peter healed the sick long before he got his doctrine straightened out. Peter healed the sick, delivered, worked miracles before he had understanding and maturity so release the saints even in their immaturity to manifest My Glory and then train them into maturity, then on to Christís likeness.

But the Lord says, son itís time to raise up your teams. I want your church to be a team church.

I want a prophetic team

I want an apostolic team

I want a healing team

I want a visitation team

I want a mercy team

I want a compassion team

I want a jail team

I want teams, teams, teams, teams and all you have to do is direct them. I just want you to be the manager. I just want you to be the inspiring of them.

The Lord says son, raise them up and I will cause the work to increase and I will fulfill your vision not just by yourself but thru ME saith the Lord.


To Roseanne,

The Lord says my daughter, even as you hear this tape; the healing balm of Gilead is flowing thru your body. The spirit of the Lord says that healing is within your muscles, within your bones, the spirit of the Lord says Arise and walk and know that My healing is walking with you and the spirit of the Lord says, my daughter, that compassion, that motherís heart that you have, the spirit of the Lord says even as you brought in those ones that were unlovable, you brought in those that others would turn their shoulders to, that would turn their face to the spirit of the Lord. My daughter,  great is your reward, I am well pleased at your heart and watch and see, watch and see, as I take you and your husband to the new and fourth dimension within Me. In Jesus Name