Prophetic Word from Stanley Hammond

To: Pastor Jim Exner 

Prayer by Pastor Tom Hertweck:

 We’re going to have a good time of fellowship together. Lord I thank you for Jim thank you for his heart Lord for revival, for renewal, for refreshing for his openness to the Holy Spirit and whatever you want him to do Lord he’s, he’s bold to do it for you Lord. I ask you to Bless this word to him. Bless his dear wife Roseanne as she’s at work now. Thank you for the ministry you’ve given them. That you’ve raised up Father. Thank you for their faithfulness to it.  In Jesus name. Amen

Stanley Hammond:

The satisfaction that you are feeling my son is unparallel, because you have been fulfilling the ministry I have given you.  And because in drawing nearer to my heart, you have drawn nearer to the hearts of my people and thus you have in high regard. And whilst it is true sometimes you have felt within yourself an insufficiency.  I want you to know this. That the angelic host have looked down upon you and some of them have felt a twinge of envy, because of the fact that you have been willing to do my perfect will by laying still in the hollow of my hand. And it is in the hollow of my hand that you have achieved you greatest victories.  Where you have been able to birth there a living word, so living that within their hearts there has been this comment and this cry.

There is one who speaks to us with authority and not as the scribes and that kind of authority has sharpened your messages. That kind of authority has enabled your messages to be “winged out” and the one sense there have crept upon some people unawares. And before they knew it mentally, they have become My captives.  And my son that has been your business to make captives, to bring into captivity disobedient ones. And Oh, says the Lord those who now surround you as the fruit of your ministry, have become more than Companions. Their pride of you is so great that some of them would be willing even to lay down their lives for your sake. We’re in a very fruitful field and it is going to yield more fruit in the days ahead of you.  There have been times of ground breaking and there will be more times of ground breaking.  But have you noticed the soil is softening and it’s easier to insert the seed. Have you noticed that the job is not as backbreaking as it used to be?  No it is not the bed of ease that is yours, but it is a fruitful, fruitful field. My son you have indeed become a spiritual farmer, able to walk out and poses the land, make the land profitable, make the land not only physically delightful but more importantly spiritually delightful.  And as you are even now before me and I’m speaking to you words that your ears can hear.  This is only a small token of what I am going to continue to tell you in the secret place.  Your ears have been circumcised to hear my voice. And as you walk in fellowship with me and I continue to walk in fellowship with you Oh, says the Lord, the walls are going to go up higher.  The ground is going to become more extensive. Many are going to be the slain of the Lord.  Says the Lord. Stanley Hammond continues in “Tongues” as Pastor Hertweck prays:

Praise God, Amen, Amen, Glory to God

Father I thank you for this word for Jim and ah, I just thank you Lord that you are revealing to him what you said in this word that his sufficiency is in you.  Hallelujah! And I sense that you’re, that you’re telling Jim ah, that to look at the people around him who are supporting him, who are there for him and encourage him in, that in that fruit, in that reward, and not look out to others Lord God, that may not seem to be responding but to be encouraged in build up in the Faith and strengthen in his inner man by those that have gathered around him, to encourage him, to supported him, and Bless him.  And I do thank you Lord for the confidence and the sincerity in his heart to speak what he knows from your Spirit (Stanley Hammond: Yes, Yes) to be your truth with faithfulness.  Bless now this word to his heart in Jesus name.