The Five Fold Ministry

A revelation to James C. Exner

June 4, 2000

Hi all, I would like to share this revelation with you.  Today while I was in worship at church the Lord began to give me revelation about the HAND of God (caps are for emphasis only).

As I looked at my right Hand I heard the Lord say “This is My FIVE-FOLD ministry.”  I found Isaiah 48 [Israel (church) refined for God's Glory] where it says in vs. 12-13 [God's plan to REDEEM] “Listen to Me, O Jacob, And Israel, My called; I AM He, I AM the First, I AM also the Last.  Indeed My hand has laid the foundation of the earth, and My right hand has stretched out the heavens...

I began to see the apostolic ministry anew. It was the CONNECTIONS that captured me. The fingers (five-fold ministry) cannot function with out ALL the rest of the arm and particularly the HEAD (Jesus).  I began to ponder the functions that it takes for the fingers to work.

The PALM (the helps ministry) is connected to the fingers (FIVE-FOLD ministry) and the HEAD (Jesus) gives commands to all parts of the arm to function so the HAND.  (God's Purposes can be realized in the church and the world). 

As I looked at the FINGERS (FIVE-FOLD ministries):

F  Thumb: shortest and LARGEST (APOSTLE)

F  Index: pointer, direction (Prophet)

F  Middle: longest, sticks out farthest (Evangelist)

F  Ring: married to the church (Pastor)

F  Pinky: shortest, most used for small places (Teacher) (sticking in EARS/NOSES):)

They cannot function unless the palm, forearm and HEAD are in COMMUNICATION with common purpose.

When GRIPPING (work/function) and making a FIST (judgment) take place the PALM (helps) is the crucial function whether GRIPPING or making a FIST.  When the FINGERS are properly connected to the PALM the whole hand functions as ONE (Kingdom of God/church). Whichever function is being done (Gripping/Fist) they FOLD (bow in humility) to accomplish what directive the HEAD has commanded.

It is interesting that the Lord showed me that the THUMB (apostle) FOLDS over the INDEX and MIDDLE fingers (prophet and evangelist) for security and strength (bond).  The other TWO fingers, RING/PINKY (pastor/teacher) are the most vulnerable in an act of judgment.  When working, they all work together (they can all interact with each other.  The THUMB (apostle) can easily touch and help the others, and they can in turn easily touch the thumb. 

If the thumb is removed it becomes very difficult for the hand to function (grip) with strength.   The Hand cannot function with ALL the fingers missing; the THUMB almost becomes useless. With each FINGER that is added more function returns.

As I read the LAST PART of verse 13 God says, “When I CALL to them, They [ALL] STAND UP TOGETHER”. 

I became excited because God is calling us to [ALL] STAND UP TOGETHER because it's the LAST TIME.  Hope this is a blessing to all the saints, POINTING to Jesus. 

Attention all seers: The caps are for you to get more revelation.