Back                                               Word to James Exner

Given by Jim Goll

April 21, 2001   7:00 PM

“Running with Vision” conference


And I have put something in his heart. The Lord has put something in his heart, a cry for a region, seeking God for the time and the season and that whatever is done would honor the Son and honor those in authority. The Holy Spirit would say to you (pointing to the audience) there is No rebellion in this man and do not come into agreement with a fault finding spirit but rather bless a pioneer who will not stop. For the Lord will put a breaker anointing upon your life to speak to the fountain of the deep and to prophesy over a mountain steep and over a region where there is slate, like rock, where some have said it is too hard a spot…but in that very place there will be a new beginning you will see.  (I don’t understand but I see bits and pieces… I see in part) I see a grocery store, a food liner (but I don’t know what it means yet). There will be more than one building coming. There is another building coming. Because the Lord is going to give a revelation concerning a heart for the nations. The Lord will give a heart of compassion for the poor and there will be a warehouse that will be given to give to the nations and to the poor and the widow and the orphan and this will be something you will steward, but something you will blow a trumpet on with compassion for the lost, the poor the widow and the orphan. For this is a hallmark of true apostolic Christianity. This is a mark of the real thing.  That they care for the orphan, the widow, the poor, the prisoner and those who have no hope. And the Lord will do a new version of thee, …(he begins to laugh) of a salvation army, blood and fire that will be supported by more than a congregation but there will come forth a ministry to the poor birthed in blood and fire. I bless him right now that he would move in apostolic compassion.


God honors those who honor.


He then says “The key to moving in the anointing is giving honor to the veterans, honoring those in authority, even if they do you wrong … honor, I have stripes on my back!


Every wound (scar) can become an opportunity to become a stripe.