Friday November 14th 2003

Barbara Wentroble; This church is made of Risk Takers

Doug Fortune; We’ve been on the runway a long time [preparation] it’s now time for Lift Off! [new level]


Wednesday December 3, 2003

Michelle Galloway from Lowville ordered the video tape by Barbara Wentroble & Doug Fortune named…

The Forerunner Spirit


¨      A place where God can be God, a place where He can do what He wants, when He wants. Where God can move sovereignly on His church.

¨      A place where the local church can gather for corporate worship and communion with spiritual covering provided by pastors of local congregations in Central New York.

¨      A place where Evangelism and Ministry can freely take place. Then discipleship can be done in the local church. The local church would be the place for relational and intimacy in small groups. 

¨      A place of rest.

¨      The meeting place would be that place where

1.  the apostle,

2.  prophet,

3.  evangelist,

4.  teacher and

5.  pastor have a platform to evangelize the region and send out teams to minister - Apostolic Missions. Both local and visiting.

¨      A place where when "they were all of one accord" the glory fell (Acts 2).

¨      A place that turns the world upside down for Jesus Christ. 

¨      A place where God's love is demonstrated and signs and wonders follow.

¨      A place where God can bring all His different "Streams" to His "One River".


Recorded Sunday December 1, 1996, 8:30 A.M.,


Revised May 1999 [updated]


The Vision placed in my heart the first Saturday of August 1971.


1. I was powerfully saved - a hand grabbed me by the neck

¨      Salvation - First Day -  First Heaven Experience (Earthly Realm)

I felt it and stopped, but no one was there. 25 years later my Pastor Paul Wagner was preaching from Job 16:12. God confirmed what happened to me.

Job 16: 12I was at ease, but He has shattered me;

He also has taken me by my neck, and shaken me to pieces;

He has set me up for His target,


2. On the evening of August 18, 1973, while attending the Syracuse, NY Regional Convention of the Full Gospel Business men's Fellowship International, I was powerfully baptized in the Holy Spirit. 

¨      Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Second Day – Second Heaven Experience (Spiritual Warfare Realm) 

The Speaker that night was Hilton Sutton from Houston, Texas and he was beginning a message on the book of Revelation, when Costa Deir stood up and said, "Stop the meeting, the Lord is going to baptize 100 men tonight."  At this point I was already running to the front to receive.  Note: Since the day (in August 1971) I had accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, I had been seeking the in-filling of the Holy Spirit but to no avail.


¨      There were exactly 100 men that came forward and being the FIRST one there I became the LAST one to be prayed for. [apostolic mandate]

Matt 20: 16“So the last will be first, and the first last. For many are called, but few chosen.”


I could hear them coming down the line and I was praying and thinking when all of a sudden my mind went blank. Then someone stepped in front of me (all I could see was a shadow through my eyelids) and touched my forehead, then my mid-section began to expand to the point where I thought I was going to EXPLODE. This Exploding feeling then moved up to my chest, then to my mouth.  As I put my hand over my mouth to stop it, someone said, "Don't do that" and pulled my hand away from my mouth. I began to speak in other tongues and began to run all over the 10th floor of the GRAND BALLROOM, people were trying to keep me from putting my hand over my mouth. This experience changed my whole life and would begin a life long journey of seeking MORE of HIM.


3. Some time in 1973 or 1974, I called Oral Roberts University for prayer for Rev. Robert Guskey, my pastor at the time. The lady at the "Prayer Tower" [intercession] asked if I would receive a "word of knowledge." I didn't even know what that was. I said yes. She said, "you are going to help a pastor build a large church."


4. Sometime in 1974 or 1975, while watching television, I saw an outline map of New York State. A "star" was over Syracuse--with light beams extending out from Syracuse. I sensed one-day God's power and Spirit would be going out from Syracuse. [The word of the Lord came to me and said, “One day the word of the Lord will go forth from this city”]


5. I believed that the vision given to Demos Shakarian was from God. I had joined the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship Chapter in Syracuse in 1973. Against my will, I was voted in as vice president at the first meeting I attended. I spent 13 years as vice president before becoming president, a position which I remained in for 12   years.

 6. The vision Demos's had was for men & women to meet in chapters all over the earth for fellowship and to testify, not preach about what Christ had done in their lives. This was to be done in public places, not churches. Pastors were always welcome as our guest; we are not a church but a fellowship.

 7.  God cannot be God in His own church. He is only allotted glimpses of time to move sovereignly and then never allowed freedom

8. My heart has yearned for 25 years to have a place where God could be God and move in His own way--spontaneously at His own will, as we worship and glorify Him.

¨      A place where God can touch His people and heal them emotionally and physically.

¨      A place where the whole body of Christ can gather together to receive ministry and communion. Together in one place, yet still have a local congregation with a pastor or shepherd as overseer.

¨      As we come together God's Spirit would begin to develop the Five-Fold Ministry, 

¨      The Apostle,

¨      The Prophet,

¨      The Evangelist,

¨      The Pastor, and

¨      The Teacher, for the equipping of the saints--to send out powerful Spirit anointed teams.

¨      "From Syracuse - not a local church." This would remove envy, jealously, strife and competition from the body of Christ, which now could become the Bride of Christ.  

9.  July 14, 1991: Prophetic word given to James C. Exner:

 Lattie McDonough: [prophet]

A man who is willing to put his hand to the plow and not look back. A man who has an eye straight forward to the go. "I have put it within you and (1) you shall be a man of vision, says the Lord. You shall see things by the Spirit that others do not see and you shall have revelation into my word that many others do not have and you shall be able to unfold the life and character of Jesus before my people, even from my word. So be comfortable with the scriptures, for there are treasures within them that you are going to bring out and give unto my people. (2) The revelation of the Lord my son is upon you". I want to give you an example here now: when I looked at that man and the Lord said revelation to me – my mind went in another direction – but when the word of the lord came out in a different manner and different words than my mind went – so I received revelation for you – even as I was speaking it was different than I thought it was going to be.

Wayne Drain: [Lattie’s apostolic oversight]

(3) I heard the lord say prophetic teacher - is what I heard as you walked up.  And I know a man in England that at one time has been and had a great impact on my life and that was what I considered him to be.  And usually people are prophets or teachers but they are not usually both, but I have known men and acquaintances that are real strong teachers but they have a sharp prophetic edge and I believe that’s what Lattie’s talking about tonight. He’s calling you to be a prophetic teacher – able to handle the scriptures but with an unction that has the now word of God – a rhema word of God – and that’s what he’s going to be after and is already after in your life. You will teach things and people will come up and they will hear stuff that you didn’t even teach and they will say oh when you shared this it really touched me and you will look at your notes and say – I didn’t even share that because it’s deep calling unto deep and that’s going to be a fruit that you’ll see visibly from time to time to let you know you’re on target.

 10.  July 18, 1992 -- At 3:00 a.m. July 18, I was awakened and words came to me. At 4:22 a.m. I looked at the clock again and again at 4:35 a.m. to see if I was really awake. The Spirit prompted me to write down what I was hearing inside.  This is what I heard: 

"As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man. They ate and drank and married until they entered into the ark and God shut the door; and also in Lot's day when his heart was vexed because of the perversion of the world. And now, because of the stench which is rising from the Earth into My nostrils, I am going to shake the Earth beginning with what is Mine, My house so that what is left is pure. 

"These are the days that are spoken in My word. Behold I am warning you, do not be afraid of what I am about to do.

 "I am going to shake My people so that what remains will be like pure honey and gold. The world will know and begin to do all manner of evil against you, but because I have warned you, you will be strong and wax hard like steel, you will be like stone. The stone in David's hand to kill Goliath.

 "Great Judgment is about to fall. Many will repent and come to Me because of what they will see happening, but many will grow violent and cold hearted.   Remember these are the days I have spoken of in this hour. If you are in Me, you will be blessed and have divine protection. Know what the Scripture says about this day. Do not worry and fret and do not forget I am with you.

¨      "Noah heard God's voice and prepared and ark;

¨      Lot left everything and fled the coming destruction.

¨      You must take heart and draw near to Me,

¨      Take refuge in My body,

¨      Draw strength from each other,

¨      Learn not to be offended with each other,

¨      Bear each other up,

¨      Encourage one another and most of all

¨      Begin to pray fervently for My return even at an hour you least expect, even so I will come," saith the Lord.

 11. July 27, 1992 - 3:00 AM: Whatever goes around, comes around.

 Ever since I was saved in 1971, I’ve had a burning desire to shout "MARANATHA! JESUS IS COMING!" My whole Christian life is a sense of,

1.    "HE’S coming soon!" I’ve had a tremendous desire to study the prophetic--to be prophetic even in my teachings as a teacher to the body of Christ.

 I’ve always heard people say "What ever goes around, comes around" or "They're getting just what they deserve."  I believe this morning GOD woke me up to say this:


 ¨    Ever since 12 men were trained by JESUS Himself for 3 years and filled with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, the church was birthed. Those 12 turned into 120, then 3000 then 5000. For 100 years two generations of Christians yelled: "MARANATHA! -THE LORD IS COMING". They turned the known world upside down for Christ. Then the move of God began to wax cold. For 1800 years, fires or moves of the HOLY SPIRIT broke out and believers caught God’s vision to win the lost, because He’s coming soon!

3.    At the turn of the century God, "I believe" began a birth of the Spirit to bring this age to a close. There have been three significant moves of His Spirit,

¨      The 1904 Welch revival,

¨      The 1906 Azusa Street revival (a new Pentecost), and the

¨      Charismatic Renewal movement, to unify the Body of Christ.

¨      Something very significant also was the moving, or the aligning, of the nations and the

¨      Rebirth of ISRAEL!!!

 ¨      I perceive that now God has the Church in a position AGAIN to turn the world upside down. I believe the end of the age is at hand!!! I believe we are part of the LAST 100 years of history.

¨      God has allowed history to take place so the "FULLNESS OF TIMES" comes to pass.

  4. It’s now time for the church to be separated from the world. Scripture says "silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I the, in the name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth rise up and walk."  In the first century they did, afterward sporadically, now again we will see it again.

 Thomas Aquinas, a Roman Catholic leader, walked into a room where the Pope was counting the gold and silver from the day's offering. He said "Thomas no longer can the church say, silver and gold have I none." With that Thomas replied "yes, and no longer can the church say, rise up and walk in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH," and with that he walked out.

 YES, the Church will be equipped just as it was in the first century, by the training of the HOLY SPIRIT!!  We will do great exploits for JESUS!! 

12.  Prophetic word given by Rodney Dirig to me after I had spoken at the Oneonta FGBMFI breakfast.  April 1993

(1) I have ordered every step;

(2) You will see Me greatly exalted through your life;

(3) I will lift up My holy name in your life and many thousands will come to the

      knowledge of My son through what I will do in your life;

 (4) As you continue to humble yourself and seek My face, I will reveal Myself to you and will greatly increase your revelation of Me." 

2 Corinthians 12:11I have become a fool in boasting; you have compelled me. For I ought to have been commended by you; for in nothing was I behind the most eminent apostles, though I am nothing. 12Truly the signs of an apostle were accomplished among you with all perseverance, in signs and wonders and mighty deeds. 13For what is it in which you were inferior to other churches, except that I myself was not burdensome to you? Forgive me this wrong!

2 Corinthians 12:11 The Corinthian Christians compelled Paul to boast by being impressed with the boasts of the false apostles

13.      A Time of Renewal   By James C. Exner

Starting in 1984 I became aware of a diminishing of the Spirit of God working in our Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International chapter.  We once had meetings of 200-300 for our monthly breakfasts and the power of God would be manifested powerfully.

After many years of striving and soul searching the meetings had dwindled to 35 people a month and I was just going through the motions and not seeing much fruit.  This was causing me to wonder where had God gone? 

We had tried to restart the Regional Conventions in 1995 - the ones that we used to have in the late 80’s.  They were not well attended but miraculously God provided the finances to meet the budget.

We were invited to the Canadian National Convention in October 1994, held in Niagara Falls, Canada.  A good friend of ours Evangelist Richard Madison was going to minister there, so Roseanne and I attended.  When we were registering they told us they had been expecting us and that we would be able to stay in the hotel after all because a Doctor had been called to his practice.  So they put us in room 709.

As we entered the conference room they called my name and said if I was there "to come to the front because they had a seat at the head table."  During the meeting I kept hearing references to a move of God that was going on at a small church by the runway in Toronto, Canada.

After the meeting on Friday evening, Roseanne and I were getting ready for bed and we decided to open the curtains. When I pulled them back, there was Niagara Falls all lit up.  As I look back now I realize that the Lord was showing us the grandeur of the Honeymoon He was taking us on.  I had no idea of the prophecy Mark Dupont had given in July of 1992 regarding the Niagara Outpouring.  I later realized that God had given me a prophecy of Noah’s Day also in July 18th of 1992 (see #10 of the Vision).

Upon returning to Syracuse, NY, the vice president of our chapter (Bill Schoeberlein) called, all excited “Jim you should have been here.  The Holy Spirit showed up, there were people all over the floor.  The power of God manifested powerfully.”  On the same day (first Saturday of October 1994) we were at the convention, we had our monthly meeting of FGBMFI.  The honeymoon had begun!

Two weeks later a close friend (Jim Sweeney) called to say he had just returned from a meeting called “Catch the Fire” in Toronto, Canada.  I had not seen Jim in many years and he sounded excited. Jim you got to check it out, it’s just like it was in the early 70’s.  He’s pouring out His Spirit again!

So Roseanne and I, Bill and his wife packed up and headed for Toronto on the first Saturday of November 1994.  We were told to get to the church at least 2 hours before the service.  Two hours before the service there were 75 people in line and thirty minutes before the meeting was supposed to start there were at least 1000 lined up.  When the doors opened people began to push and shove to get in.  One lady hit me with her purse.  This was not church as usual!

When the meeting started and worship began all the songs were new and awesome.  I was overwhelmed and just sat there reading the words.  All of a sudden, a VOICE said from inside “after tonight you will never be the same again!”  I turned to Bill and said a voice just said to me “after tonight you will never be the same again!”  Bill began to cry.  I turned to read the songs and again The VOICE of the Lord said, "Everything you WERE, everything ARE, and everything YOU WILL BE, you're NOTHING without ME."  This was the beginning of the most awesome and fun time in my life.  All praise to the LORD JESUS!

 14.  Sunday July 2, 1995, at 6:00 a.m.  While getting milk from the refrigerator, an inner audible voice speaks to me saying, "Begin to tell My people that I am coming. Tell them to repent of their sin and turn to Me, sanctify themselves, purify their hearts, make themselves ready, for I am coming, says the Lord." 

The Call to Tear down and Rebuild! [September (9)-11-2001]

¨      Third Day - Third Heaven [Apostolic - Builder Mandate Realm]

15. The Dream - On September 11, 1995, approximately 7:42 in the morning, I was at work and in the process of recording a dream I had the night before. It seemed to go on all night; I don't ever think I ever had a dream like that before. It went on and on, it seemed like it would never end. In this dream I remember coming home from work, or I assume it was work. I drove in the driveway and the whole neighborhood seemed to be freshly bulldozed dirt. There was nothing, no greenery, just all bulldozed, no blacktop, no road; it just seemed like there was massive construction going on all over the place. There were no houses left except for mine. Even my neighbor’s house was leveled to its foundation and all the trees seemed to be gone. I drove in the driveway, or what seemed to be the driveway, and found it like mush. My car sank down in it and got stuck. I became very angry, I couldn't figure out what was going on. So I started yelling and screaming at my neighbor, because of what he did--I just assumed that he did it. They took all my lawn and trees; the only thing that was left was my house. The only thing you could see all the way around was just dirt. There were no houses left, just foundations.

 Other people in construction uniforms had maps or blueprints, and were in the process of rebuilding. But my house seemed to be there, parts of it anyway. I went into the house, and people I had never seen before were in the process of reconstructing the inside of it. There were new fixtures in the bathroom. I remember a huge bathtub; one of the old fashioned kind that you sink way down inside of. I was really upset because they were doing this to my house. Everything was being changed or moved around. Parts of the back wall, where the bedroom seemed to be, were just gone and the wind was coming in. Electrical wires were hanging all over the place. People were working, puttying, doing all kinds of things. I was upset because of all the changes that were being made.

 That's the way I seemed to respond in this dream. I was in turmoil, and I was anxious because I knew I had to go to a meeting at the Sacred Melody shop that night. Pastor Tom Hertweck was going to present a teaching on healing. He was also going to teach our men how to minister at our Businessmen's Fellowship breakfasts. With all this new work going on around me, my emotions were varied. I was angry, anxious, frustrated, and at times I even cried. Although I didn't know any of the people doing the work, my wife did. At this point she encouraged me, in fact everyone there encouraged me. They said things like, "everything is going to be okay" and "we've got everything under control."

 In this dream the people were rebuilding the inside of my house. Other people were outside working on new trees and new shrubs. I was really anxious how they were going to do this. I wanted it all back the way it used to be. I realized the whole idea of this dream was about change. I just sensed that I should record this by writing it down. I remember being so anxious to get to this meeting, yet I wanted to just stay home. I was very angry because all of this building was going on in my house. It wasn't in a livable condition. So I sent someone to the meeting to tell the men that I wouldn't be there. But after a while I did decide I should go to the meeting. When I arrived I saw Pastor Tom there with many new men, people I had never seen before. There were about 30 of them. And they were rejoicing because of the great teaching they had received. There were a lot of men there, I was really encouraged. It was a weird situation, but again this dream seemed to speak of change. Maybe something in my life, in my heart, needs to be changed. I don't know. I believe God will show me.

 Comment: Some of the details about the inside of the house really struck me. Every room was being worked on. It seemed that everything was being rearranged, new appliances, new bathtub fixtures, gold handles on the tub. [We have just placed a replica of the Ark of the Covenant [tub] in the sanctuary with poles-all Gold] Everything was new and different. It was an increase, the change was for the better. That's what I seemed to get out of the dream; everything that was being changed was for the better. Another thing I noticed about the outside was the fact that, even though there were only foundations in place of houses, there was much yard work going on. The construction workers, with their blueprints, were planting trees around the house foundations. The trees were very noticeable because they were bearing red fruit. I don't know what the red fruit represents. [The harvest is ripened and ready]

 It was the weirdest dream I ever had. I don't know what it means, I hope someone does. It just seems that there is something to do with change, and everyone was 'new' in it. I didn't recognize anyone other than Tom Hertweck, and my wife, and Fred Woznicka, my landlord. He was the one I yelled at and got upset with because he had plowed everything, scraped all dirt off the whole area, without getting any kind of consent. That was one thing, too, that all this seemed to happen without my consent, or without anybody telling me they were going to do it. All of a sudden it just happened. I don't know if this thing was done through an act of nature or whether it was just a new building program, that somebody had bought all the land and just said "hey, you know what, were going to do this." [Jesus paid the price for us and the land] I don't know. My wife seemed to be real upbeat and happy, and outward-going, and seemed to know all the new people that I didn't know. It was really weird. Sometimes you wonder what these things mean. 

Comment: I did have several conversations with the people in the house doing the work, I can't remember the specific conversations. They were just telling me what they were doing, and they seemed to work together. I wish I had paid more attention to what they were saying. But one of the things I noticed is that everybody seemed to know me, and was talking to me and it was an uplifting type thing.

 February 20, 1997 – Interpretation/Prophetic word for dream given on September 1995, by prophet/evangelist Richard Madison, Oakman, Alabama

 For the LORD has revealed to you that much ground has been plowed.  I see your hurt and anger at man for his lack of care and love for what I have placed in your heart to do for me.  Man has not thought of the destruction that happens to my people.  But those that know me have a firm foundation.  When storms come you shall stand my son because you have built upon the firm foundation of the Word of God and you trust in the LORD your God.  Some you trust have sought to uproot what you have planted, even some you thought were firm have caused you to sink and be discouraged.  They have criticized you; they have touched the apple of my eye.  Landlords and those of authority have tried to confuse you and make you angry but woe unto them, saith the LORD, for vengeance is mine.  A man will reap what he has sown and you have sown good seed.

 I have placed people in your life to help you reap a harvest in these last days.  You shall work with many (new) faces.  I am tearing down and building up and I am bringing change in your life and I am doing a new thing in your house.  This latter house shall be greater than the former as I have spoken in Haggai 2:18.  I have placed and I am placing people to work with you, with new ideas.  All of you shall flow together to run with the vision.  All of you are fixtures of light, lighting up the dark areas.  You shall burn brighter and see clearer.  I am bringing you to a place for cleansing and a deep soakingChanges are on the wayI have placed some along side of you to help you cope with changes.  You have struggled with changes. You must begin to flow and move in a new direction, you are holding others back.  They have confidence in the word in your mouth.

 There is a wind flowing in the bed chamber.  I will continue to speak to you in the night even the fourth watch of the night.  What I reveal in the night you shall speak in the dayI will cause my anointing to flow like electricity to give power to my vessels and instruments of praise

I have people in strategic areas to perform certain jobs.  Some even mend the walls of my people’s lives.  Don’t be upset because I have not chosen at this time to move in a certain place.  Your ways and thoughts are not mine.  I will do a work where I want and when I want.  Your pain and hurt has caused you to be anxious, frustrated and worried.  Fret not, saith the LORD, arise and be strong.  I have given you a wonderful helpmate to encourage you.  I have others near to encourage you.  My people shall edify one another.  This Valley of Decision shall soon fade away.  You have decided you will not go but I called again.  As you went to your brother, with others, and sat under his ministry I have brought healing to manyThe thirty men you saw represent a priesthood.  I am raising up a chosen generation that is hungry for my will to be done.  You will be encouraged as you flow with this new ministry.  Every area of your house or life will be blessed.  The change is for the better.  Fruit will come forth.  Life shall spring forth from the plowed ground.

 The red fruit is ripe fruit – a fruit of salvation.  It is harvest time NOW.  Say not I will wait ‘till spring or three or four months then I will move.  Now is the time to move. You need to be in the strategic area with those of like vision and who have confidence in the work I have called you to do.  You can discern the signs of the times.  You know and recognize those who can help you and will encourage you.  There are landlords and those that have placed themselves in authority and on a pedestal that have made up their minds (as to) what they will build.  They have not agreed with your vision for fear. Your vision is much larger.  I can tear down walls and bring my body together and I will. Some will be purified and sanctified through sufferings as I have spoken by my prophet Daniel.  But those that do understand will do great exploits saith the Lord.  Those who really know you, who have labored with you, shall uplift thee.

 I the Lord have taken the fire from the altar and purged you.  You have been in the midst of a people with unclean lips.  But I will lead you to a land flowing with milk and honey.  Canaan Land is just in sight.  When Uzziah died, Isaiah began to look unto the Lord.  When those in authority have died even spiritually, look unto me, the Author and Finisher of your faith.  I ask who will go for me?  Who will flow with changes?  Who will flow with the wind?  Persecution comes with changes, but blessed are those who are persecuted for My Name’s sake, saith the Lord of Hosts.

17.  On March 8, 1996, While at a Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship convention in Waterbury, Conn. I was called out of the audience by Evangelist Joseph Tongs with eleven other people [apostolic grace]. He prophesied I would be a prophet to the nations. Upon returning home, early in the morning on the 10th of March, while praying the Lord told me to turn to Isaiah 6. [The calling to be a prophet] While reading the Chapter, my heart leaped when I read about the angel taking a coal from the altar with tongs. [purifying life] (See video) 

18. On April 19, 1996, at almost quitting time I was filling the road sweeper with water in the parking lot of the old B.J.'s building on Taft Road, next to the airport. Suddenly, as I looked at the entrance an inner-audible voice said, "Remember this phone number." It was the phone number of Benderson Development Corp. in Buffalo, N.Y. 

It was as if my eyes were opened: I began to see this massive empty building of 100,000 sq. ft. as the meeting place (see the book of Exodus). As I looked around at the parking lot and sensed its immense size, I was in awe. Then I realized it was next to the airport and on the City Limits of Syracuse, 3 tenths of a mile from Route 81, 3 miles from the Thruway and a cluster of hotels & motels, and only 6 miles and 10 minutes from downtown Syracuse.

 I saw evangelism taking place along with ministry, but discipleship would still take place in the local churches under guidance of the pastors. Pastors would be the covering over "The Meeting Place" to protect the sheep and allow worship teams, both local and from outside the area to lead worship. Also to allow Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, and Evangelist--both local and visiting, to equip the body for ministry. The local church would still be the relational and intimate place for members to gather in small groups. This meeting place was confirmed by pastor Ralph Stamps at Trinity Assembly of God as I shared it with the congregation, with Pastor Tom Hertweck as oversight of this meeting (April 20, 1996).

 While several men were gathered in my home praying, the Holy Spirit prompted me to get the pictures of the B.J.'s building and intercede for it. Dave Daignault prayed Lord send us gold, silver, and precious stone for this building, I laughed and said inside "yeah, sure." He said God had told him to bring it to the prayer meeting and offer it for the building. "Awesome God we serve."  

19. On April 24, 1996, I spoke on the calling one can have on their life, using the call I feel I have on my life. After the meeting, during the ministry time, Pastor Tom Hertweck gave Roseanne and me a word:

 "On Wednesday, April 24, 1996 after Jim Exner ministered the Word of the Lord, Eunhee and I were praying for Jim and Roseanne Exner. While they were "resting in the Spirit," I was praying over them and had a vision concerning them. I saw a very large meadow with the Exner's standing in the middle of the meadow as if they were waiting for something. The meadow was very large and I noticed that there were no fences in sight. It became clear to my mind that this was a "pastoral setting."  The Exner's had labored and prepared and I sensed that the Lord was going to give them a large place to minister to His sheep. Everything seemed to be set-in-order and I sensed that many sheep were on their way to the meadow. (1) There were no fences which represented that this meadow was open to everyone, (2) no racial or denominational "fences."  Also, (3) no fences in sight were an indication of a huge group of people, (4) too large to fence in." Pastor Thomas J. Hertweck

 20. I believe that the unity described in Psalm 133 can be achieved. On May 11, 1996 at the Four Points Hotel [North, South, East, and West], during a renewal service, communion was administered and taken by several local pastors and those gathered for worship and a time of renewal in the Spirit.  Rob Stearns prophesied that God had commanded the blessing on Syracuse because we had received Communion together as a body. Several people received prophetic words given at this meeting (see video of meeting).  Rob Stearns has a prophetic gifting and is the founder and director of Eagles Wings Ministry in Buffalo, New York:

 "Jim - in the name of the Lord, a man who has come to the Kingdom for such a time as this, a set man in the House of the Lord, and Jim, I don't care what your title is, or what your profession, the Lord sees you as a pastor and a leader and as a shepherd in the House of God - and you are the first fruits of a new paradigm of leadership in the church, because you are an example of a man who is walking in a calling in the midst of dealing with a secular job. 

"You are following the anointing of the Lord and you are walking in the anointing of the Lord and you are a new model - a new paradigm - for other men and women who are going to walk in callings and anointings and ministries, and God is going to use you and raise you up with the Apostolic authority in this region and influence - And God will make you one as like mortar - who draws and holds the brick together. You are one that is able to join this to that, and that to this, to bring together different parts.

 "And the word of the Lord comes to you and says 'Son - be not afraid that in the night hour I wake you and give you new dreams and new visions and new prophetic revelations. Be not afraid that in the night hour you even tremble before Me - you even tremble before My very throne for My voice will be revealed to you - your eyes will become My eyes, your ears will become My ears, and I will impart to you the very voice of the Lord'. So rise up for your anointing for this hour, son of man - for this hour you have been called to the Kingdom for such a time as this. Take the anointing in Jesus name. Take it now Jim."

 21. While preparing our "Empire Fire 96" convention flyer, I said to Dave Wiggins, "draw a line down to Syracuse from Toronto on the cover of the flyer" (see flyer).  The 1995 flyer did not have the line, it was added in 1996. Two weeks later TACF called and wanted to do 40 Days Ablaze. 

22. On May 24, 1996, Memorial Day weekend, the leadership of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship called and told Jason, my son, they would like to speak with me. He said that we were going to be coming up for the weekend. They told him to make sure we saw Steve Long the Administrator of TACF.  On May 26, 1996, Steve Long came over to Roseanne and me while on the floor, introduced himself and began to speak about 40 Days Ablaze and how they had targeted Syracuse as one of the [5] cities in the United States.

 They knew that on January 5, 1996 BMF-USA had hosted a workshop for pastors and church leaders with Richard Long from the Ontario Renewal Network as guest speaker. Several pastors had already been meeting, and out of that meeting was born the CNY Churches for Renewal. 

Exactly one year earlier (Sunday night 1995 Memorial Day Weekend) Pastor Ray Young had prayed over me that He saw an Atomic Bomb Blast going off in Syracuse as I hit the floor. He began to pray for new strategies for Syracuse. I believe these prayers are in the process of being fulfilled.

 23. On October 16, 1996 at 6:00 a.m., the Spirit of God told me to write down the vision He had placed in my heart (see word) and then watch it unfold:

"You are so dear to me - I want you to know I have called you for this hour. I have been leading you all these years. I will work out My purposes in your life. I hope you have noticed all the ungodly actions and habits have faded away. It is Me, I have done these things in you. I want you to be able to respond to everyday challenges as I would. I have called you by name. Begin to wait on Me, I will lead you and guide you and if you will hear I will tell you what to speak!

 "I am going to give you great favor with man. They will seek your council but it will be Me speaking. I have much work to do. And not much time is left. Trust Me and believe Me when I say you will not need your firewood!

 "Begin to write down the vision I have put in your heart. Watch it unfold and come too pass. Humble yourself, keep your head low. Great turmoil is coming - but also great favor for My called out ones, Read Psalm 45"

 24. October 31, 1997: Prophetic Word to Jim Exner by prophet Aaron Evans at the Businessmen’s Fellowship Meeting:

 "God has so given you a pioneer spirit and yes you’ve been talked about and laughed about and many knives have been in your back, but the Lord is now your rear reward (David Daignault walked behind Jim to put his hand on his back) and for all the years you’ve been scorned and laughed at, and God said “I will give you the doubling blessing and there is an Apostolic cape [mantle?] waiting on you and you will be known as a builder in this city.  For the imprint of the Exner shall be put in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and when it is all said and done in the City of Syracuse, you shall bow in front of the King and say "You are the King of Glory."   Your children shall be a very active part, and you children’s children shall not depart.'  In Jesus Name - Amen."

 Note: December 14, 1998, James Exner stepped down from leadership in Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship / Business Men's Fellowship/USA to become ministry leader of the Syracuse Airport Christian Fellowship/Ministries.


From December 14th 1998 – June 26th, 2001 SACF/Ministries served in ministry at Trinity Assembly of God Pastored by Tom and Eunhee Hertweck. They graciously allowed the ministry to mature and embrace its identity. For this we will be forever indebted. In February of 2000 first Prophets and then Apostles began to speak “That if we did not plant what God had shown us, the Apostolic and Prophetic 5 fold ministry paradigm (model), He (God) would tear down all that had been established and accomplished and give it to someone who would. Therefore we were obedient to the prompting of the Lord and asked to be sent out from TAG with the pastors blessing.

The ministry was established on July 29th 1997. Exactly 4 years to the Day on a Sunday, July 29th 2001 the Church/Fellowship was planted from the ministry.

 Word to James Exner

 Given by Jim Goll

 – April 21, 2001   7:00 PM

 “Running with Vision” conference

 And I have put something in his heart. The Lord has put something in his heart, a cry for a region, seeking God for the time and the season and that whatever is done would honor the Son and honor those in authority. The Holy Spirit would say to you (pointing to the audience) there is No rebellion in this man and do not come into agreement with a fault finding spirit but rather bless a pioneer who will not stop. For the Lord will put a breaker anointing upon your life to speak to the fountain of the deep and to prophesy over a mountain steep and over a region where there is slate, like rock, where some have said it is too hard a spot…but in that very place there will be a new beginning you will see.  (I don’t understand but I see bits and pieces… I see in part) I see a grocery store, a food liner (but I don’t know what it means yet). There will be more than one building coming. There is another building coming. Because the Lord is going to give a revelation concerning a heart for the nations. The Lord will give a heart of compassion for the poor and there will be a warehouse that will be given to give to the nations and to the poor and the widow and the orphan and this will be something you will steward, but something you will blow a trumpet on with compassion for the lost, the poor the widow and the orphan. For this is a hallmark of true apostolic Christianity. This is a mark of the real thing.  That they care for the orphan, the widow, the poor, the prisoner and those who have no hope. And the Lord will do a new version of thee, …(he begins to laugh) of a salvation army, blood and fire that will be supported by more than a congregation but there will come forth a ministry to the poor birthed in blood and fire. I bless him right now that he would move in apostolic compassion.

 God honors those who honor.

 He then says “The key to moving in the anointing is giving honor to the veterans, honoring those in authority, even if they do you wrong … honor, I have stripes on my back!

 Every wound (scar) can become an opportunity to become a stripe.


 Prophetic Word from Bishop Bill Hamon

Advance in the Fresh Anointing Conference

 Mt. Zion Church, Utica NY

June 5th, 2003

During The Senior Pastors Prophetic Presbytery

 Roseanne and James:

Father we bless Roseanne and James.

 Right Now; Praying in Tongues

 The Lord says; “you’ll still go to those nations that I spoke to you about before, but you’ve got to build a base, to build a head quarters. You have to build saints and intercessors before you go. Plus I didn’t want you to go by yourself, to be a one man show. I want you to get teams, so I want you to apostolically raise up teams that are equipped with evangelism view with a heart for people”.

 And the Lord says, “instead of you going and getting all the ministry, and doing all the work, I’ve held you still and I’ve settled you in to raise up a company of Prophets and Apostles to raise up evangelists, teachers and raise up warriors, raise up laborers for the harvest”.

 For the Lord says, “I’ve given you a harvest mentality. I’ve given you a harvest for souls and a desire for people to get saved and filled with the Holy Ghost but then get the religious spirit that says I have to compromise, not be too fanatical, not be too worshipful. But I want your Worship to be set on fire; I want your worship to be wild and victorious, and powerful. I want the devil to get nervous when he comes to your church. I want him not to feel comfortable; I don’t want religious spirits to feel comfortable. I want them to get delivered and I want people to come into life and on fire because I’m going to stir up the warrior spirit in your church. I want to see labor-ship, people going to get a zeal and a fire to go to the missions, to go on trips to get the job done. And you’re going to get some raised up in your church that will want to go to the streets. Don’t hold them back , don’t wait till they are perfect, let them go in their imperfections because I called you when you were imperfect and I started using you before you were perfect. So don’t try to make them measure up. You’ve got a high standard, that’s good but don’t try to make them be perfect and meet all your standards before they are launched into the supernatural for Peter healed the sick long before he got his doctrine straightened out. Peter healed the sick, delivered, worked miracles before he had understanding and maturity so release the saints even in their immaturity to manifest My Glory and then train them into maturity, then on to Christ’s likeness.

 But the Lord says, son it’s time to raise up your teams. I want your church to be a team church.

 ¨      I want a prophetic team

 ¨      I want an apostolic team

 ¨      I want a healing team

 ¨      I want a visitation team

 ¨      I want a mercy team

 ¨      I want a compassion team

 ¨      I want a jail team

 I want teams, teams, teams, teams and all you have to do is direct them. I just want you to be the manager. I just want you to be the inspiring of them.

 The Lord says son, raise them up and I will cause the work to increase and I will fulfill your vision not just by yourself but thru ME saith the Lord.

  To Roseanne,

 The Lord says my daughter, even as you hear this tape; the healing balm of Gilead is flowing thru your body. The spirit of the Lord says that healing is within your muscles, within your bones, the spirit of the Lord says Arise and walk and know that My healing is walking with you and the spirit of the Lord says, my daughter, that compassion, that mother’s heart that you have, the spirit of the Lord says even as you brought in those ones that were unlovable, you brought in those that others would turn their shoulders to, that would turn their face to the spirit of the Lord. My daughter,  great is your reward, I am well pleased at your heart and watch and see, watch and see, as I take you and your husband to the new and fourth dimension within Me. In Jesus Name


Barbara Wentroble & Doug Fortune

November 14th,  2003


 Arise & Shine. We want to pray over Syracuse Airport Church tonight. Can we thank them for hosting this event? It takes a lot of work to do something like this.

Now Father tonight we want to thank you for Syracuse Airport Church. We thank you for the mantle that is on them and all that you have called them to do. Tonight I kept hearing the Spirit of the Lord say Risk Takers – Risk Takers!

And the Lord said I have called this congregation to be Risk Takers. For the Lord says that it is in taking … it’s a risk in the natural but it is NOT a risk in God. For the Lord says I have put FRESH VISION UPON YOU and THIS THAT I AM DOING, Know it’s only in the early stages of this that I’ve called you to do.

 For the Lord says The Days Ahead I AM going to cause your Apostolic Lines to go out from this place. And I say you will connect with many across the land that are looking for a spiritual Father – That are looking for Spiritual Parents – that are looking for those that will allow them to connect; so that they can come into all that the Lord has and so then the Lord would just say to you tonight KNOW That These Are Only Early Days – For God says there has been a grace on you in these last 5 years. It has been a supernatural Grace that is upon you. But, I say Now  your  coming into a season where I shall put such Apostolic Grace- it shall be Mega Grace that is upon you –Mega Grace to do this thing – that the Lord has called you to do.

 And the Lord would just say to youKnow that this is a time that I caused you to step from where you are into the New Place. For the Lord says This is the time that I’m going to begin to connect even as these Apostolic Lines go out. I say there shall be connections in the Spirit because God says I am creating A Family. And I say “The Family that I am creating; The Lord would say KNOW it will be of my choosing – For you shall NOT have to make this thing happen. But know that I Shall Do it by my Spirit – so the Lord says, Don’t even try to figure out how this thing is going to happen. But, I say they shall even come and knock on your door and say Please Open Up To Us. And I say – You Shall Embrace Them. And the Lord would just say Know that this is a New Season for you.

 The Lord says Stop Apologizing For Being Who You Are – Stop Apologizing For The Demonstration Of My Spirit In Your Midst.  I say you think you’ve seen demonstrations of my spirit – You’ve NOT SEEN ANYTHING YET – For I’m Getting Ready In This Hour To Pour Out My Spirit In New Ways and I say the Supernatural Signs & Wonders Shall Be A Trademark of This House! I say this is an hour that I shall cause You To Rise To A New Level Of Faith – And You Shall Believe Me For That Which You Have Not Seen In Past Days. And Even as Paul was one that said – I didn’t come with enticing words of man’s wisdom – I would say – You Shall Not be Known For Enticing Words Of Man’s Wisdom – But I say You Shall Be Known For A Demonstration Of The Power of the Spirit Of God! So I say – Embrace Your Identity Tonight!  I sayEmbrace The Call of God! I say Stop Apologizing For Who You Are and Be Who I Called You To Be! 

 Doug Fortune


November 14th 2003

Syracuse Airport Christian Fellowship

Thus far you have only been on the runway

And the runway has been good

And you have been gaining speed

But thus far you’ve only been on the runway of what I have planned for you

But know that the end of the runway is coming quickly

And its time to pull up

Its time to pull up

Its time to come up higher



International Coalition of Apostles meeting

December 2-5th 2003

Dallas, Texas