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 Dream/Vision by James C Exner

SACF/M was founded July 29th, 1997 as a 501c Not for Profit Corporation (Ministry) in response to a VISION given to me James C Exner on April 19th, 1996 and Recorded December 1st, 1996.


On July 29th 2001 the SACF/M re-organized under 501c Church/Religious Corporation.

Since then we have been becoming a family of God, a church body for the Lord Jesus Christ.



  Finished Banner by Abby Powers December 21st 2008


For the past 2½ years SACF/M (Syracuse Airport Christian Fellowship & Ministries) has gone thru many changes and prunings.


For one the Name has been changed to SACFMI (Syracuse Airport Christian Fellowship & Ministries International.)


There have been many changes in leadership as a new Apostolic 5 Fold ministry Government has been implemented, commonly called “Divine Government.” Dr. William J Hurst taught this course at our church in October of 2006. We have since legally changed our church bylaws and constitution.


We now are moving forward into a new FACET of our VISION given in April 1996. see VISION


In the early morning hours of Christmas Day (December 25th, 2007) a dream/vision began to unfold as I awoke at 2:00 am extremely hot. I stood up in the dark and removed my sweat shirt and lay back down.


Note: I did not realize Roseanne couldn’t sleep and had gone out in the Living Room to Pray. After I had shared the dream/vision with her she had mentioned this to me that she had been praying for Wisdom and Spiritual Understanding. While researching the below words and scriptures in the e-Sword bible early that morning I copied and hi-lighted all the information in the STUDY NOTES. I had not noticed a lone scripture at the bottom of the page remaining from the previous study session some time before. When I saw the scripture at the bottom of my message notes I decided to leave it there. Then Roseanne mentioned she had gotten up to Pray for wisdom and Understanding.

 It was Proverbs 7:4;

Pro 7:4  Say unto wisdom, Thou art my sister; and call understanding thy kinswoman:



At this point I began to experience a sense of being awake yet being asleep as I saw two words suspended in the air one was STATIC in fore ground and the other was stagnant in the far background, the colors are what I perceived. I have a tendency to view the back ground as a seer. I shook my head as I couldn’t receive the word stagnant.


I did begin pondering the word Static, not sure of the meaning.


I then began to see the altar at church and heard and began to see “remove the Banners from the altar.”


Sunday December 23rd we (Roseanne, Gretchen, and Deanna Town had been discussing with me in my office of moving them from the altar. I declared, “That I could not remove something the Lord had given me as we began to form as a Ministry. They were our banners of remembrance and memorial. The bible is full of examples of this form of remembrance.” I mentioned, “that I could not make a change until the Lord had spoken to me that this was His will. There needed to be something to fill the void, something to look to as we move forward in the Lord.”


I then began to say to the Lord, “that as long as He said to do it I would” and thought to attach them to the wall of remembrance and memorial we have placed on the side wall.


At this I had a sense or heard the Lord say “don’t mount them permanently but get out the poles that were once used to carry them in Processional and display the Banners.”

The sense was that when an Army is not involved in Warfare the “Color’s are on display at the Army HEAD QUARTER’S. Once an army receives it’s commissioning for movement into battle and warfare the “Color’s are removed from the Display and are given to the field commanders to wage war. I then thought to set them on their respective poles and set them against the memorial wall easily able to pick them up for worship and processional.


Then I began to look to the altar and sensed a void as I thought to myself something’s missing.


I then saw a picture of a Great Harvest, Wheat, in the place of the banners. All of a sudden a large angel descended into the picture with a scythe. I immediately saw the word REVELATION. As I looked at the scene the wheat began to TRANSITION into people. I sensed that we were to place a banner before us of this “The GREAT HARVEST.”


This continued to play before me until I decided to get up and it was now 6:00 am.


I was perplexed and puzzled by the word STATIC and what I had been experiencing all through what I began to think was a Dream/Vision.


Before I go any further I would like to fill in some detail from other sources, namely my wife Roseanne and others as I go thru the writing down of the detail of what happened with them.


Sometime in early December, the best recollection is the 9 & 10th, to the best of Roseanne’s recollection Cathy Sanders decided to stay in the church and was a bit apprehensive about staying alone so Roseanne asked if she wanted her to stay with her. During the course of the two days they spent there together praying and fellowshipping some of the details that are part of what the Lord would begin to unfold to us concerning His ultimate plans. They decided to play a DVD from the book table and Roseanne decided on a message by Paul Keith Davis titled “Angel’s that Gather.” During the message Cathy kept looking out in the sanctuary several times. Roseanne asked why she kept looking out there. She said, “I keep seeing the banners moved from the altar.” And, “did you ever think of moving the altar.” There was a reason that we could only place the altar at that position, it was because of the EXIT door.


The message that they heard was very powerful in Matthew, References from my message were later found to be the same ones I used in the message on 12/30/2007;

(Mat 9:37)  Then5119 saith3004 he unto his848 disciples,3101 The3588 harvest2326 truly3303 is plenteous,4183 but1161 the3588 laborers2040 are few;3641

(Mat 9:38)  Pray1189 ye therefore3767 the3588 Lord2962 of the3588 harvest,2326 that3704 he will send forth1544 laborers2040 into1519 his848 harvest.2326


(Mat 13:30)  Let863 both297 grow together4885 until3360 the3588 harvest:2326 and2532 in1722 the3588 time2540 of harvest2326 I will say2046 to the3588 reapers,2327 Gather ye together4816 first4412 the3588 tares,2215 and2532 bind1210 them846 in1519 bundles1197 to burn2618 them:846 but1161 gather4863 the3588 wheat4621 into1519 my3450 barn.596


(Mat 13:39)  (1161) The3588 enemy2190 that sowed4687 them846 is2076 the3588 devil;1228 the3588 harvest2326 is2076 the end4930 of the3588 world;165 and2532 the3588 reapers2327 are1526 the angels.32


Mark 13:24-27 (KJV)
24 But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light,
25 And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken.
26 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.
And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven.


They didn’t feel the need to communicate this to me at that point but would several day’s later.


On December 23rd, two day’s before Christmas Andy Sanders preached at our church and he gave a powerful message on “Rejuvenate” which he felt SACFMI was in the process of doing. He mentioned while he was in our church spending time in prayer he walked over by the Ark of the Covenant we have there and went to touch it and The Holy Spirit said to him, “Andy don’t touch the Ark, Touch My Heart.”

Andy’s quote’s are below and the definition of Rejuvenate is below.


12/23/2007 – Andy Sanders said, 2 things

“Don’t touch the Ark, Touch my Heart”



Main Entry: re£ju£ve£nate

Pronunciation: ri-*j*-v*-*n*t

Function: verb

Inflected Form: - nat£ed; -nat£ing

Etymology: re- + Latin juvenis young— more at YOUNG

Date: 1807


transitive senses 

1 a: to make young or youthful again: give new vigor to  b: to restore to an original or new state *rejuvenate old cars*

2 a: to stimulate (a stream) to renewed erosive activity especially by uplift  b: to develop youthful features of topography in

intransitive senses: to cause or undergo rejuvenescence

synonyms see RENEW



Returning to the dream/vision, I recalled what Andy had spoken the week before, December 23rd, and immediately looked to the Ark and saw a Veil in front of it with the words “Don’t touch the Ark, Touch My Heart.” I sensed that we needed to do was place a tied back Veil in front of the Ark and place a Banner across the top with this message.


At that I woke up at 6:00 am. I was so puzzled by what I had seen I went to Roseanne’s laptop and began to do research on this theme “The Great Harvest.”


I looked up the word static and was amazed what it meant, verses what I thought.

Below is the information I found;


Main Entry:1static


Function: adjective

Etymology: New Latin staticus, from Greek statikos causing to stand, skilled in weighing, from histanai to cause to stand, weigh more at STAND



1: exerting force by reason of weight alone without motion

2: of or relating to bodies at rest or forces in equilibrium

3: showing little change *a static population*

4 a: characterized by a lack of movement, animation, or progression 

   b: producing an effect of repose or quiescence *a static design*

5 a: standing or fixed in one place: STATIONARY 

   b: of water stored in a tank but not under pressure

6: of, relating to, or producing stationary charges of electricity: ELECTROSTATIC

7: of, relating to, or caused by radio static


We had been in a state of Static waiting for the last 2½ years for the opportune time to move into the next FACET of the Original Vision given in April 1996.


Further research revealed that in the book of REVELATION there is mention of angel’s;

53 verses in Revelation referring to Angels


(Rev 1:1)  The Revelation602 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 which3739 God2316 gave1325 unto him,846 to show1166 unto his848 servants1401 things which3739 must1163 shortly1722, 5034 come to pass;1096 and2532 he sent649 and signified4591 it by1223 his848 angel32 unto his848 servant1401 John:2491





*    (Rev 14:15)  And2532 another243 angel32 came1831 out of1537 the3588 temple,3485 crying2896 with1722 a loud3173 voice5456 to him that sat2521 on1909 the3588 cloud,3507 Thrust in3992 thy4675 sickle,1407 and2532 reap:2325 for3754 the3588 time5610 is come2064 for thee4671 to reap;2325 for3754 the3588 HARVEST2326 of the3588 earth1093 is ripe.3583


*    (Rev 14:17)  And2532 another243 angel32 came1831 out of1537 the3588 temple3485 which3588 is in1722 heaven,3772 he846 also2532 having2192 a sharp3691 sickle.1407


*    (Rev 14:18)  And2532 another243 angel32 came1831 out from1537 the3588 altar,2379 which had2192 power1849 over1909 fire;4442 and2532 cried5455 with a loud3173 cry2906 to him that had2192 the3588 sharp3691 sickle,1407 saying,3004 Thrust in3992 thy4675 sharp3691 sickle,1407 and2532 gather5166 the3588 clusters1009 of the3588 vine288 of the3588 earth;1093 for3754 her848 grapes4718 are fully ripe.187




(Rev 22:16)  I1473 Jesus2424 have sent3992 mine3450 angel32 to testify3140 unto you5213 these things5023 in1909 the3588 churches.1577 I1473 am1510 the3588 root4491 and2532 the3588 offspring1085 of David,1138 and the3588 bright2986 and2532 morning3720 star.792


I began to realize the Lord is saying THE GREAT HARVEST is upon us.

It dawned on me that for the past 2½ months I have been doing a web site page on this subject. Everything was eventually made known to me after I began to call and receive calls from my apostolic accountability saying the Lord had mentioned that to them also It is amazing how the Holy Spirit confirms these matters by several different people and in various different ways.


Blessed be the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I mentioned to our congregation Sunday morning that this Harvest coming will be with powerful angelic activity.


Last night Roseanne and I watched the DVD by Paul Keith Davis on “Angels That Gather,” The first time I tried to watch it with her it froze up and I couldn’t finish watching it. Sunday after I preached the Message on “When God Walked on the Earth,” December 30th, 2007, I released the above dream/vision to the congregation. Sunday evening after church we watched the rest of the DVD and I was shocked that most of my message was from what they released in June of 2004. Paul Keith Davis has ministered here at SACFMI many times and this last Time we purchased some CD’s and DVD’s for our Resource table. Hence, God’s perfect timing.


Many Blessing’s to you as you and I co-labor with angel’s for God’s Great Harvest Ingathering of the Last Day’s.


Pastors James and Roseanne Exner and all those who were part of the whole Picture and those who will be the artisans who create the Banner of the Harvest.