APRIL 8, 1998

Trinity Assembly of God



To: James C and Rosanne Exner

Know this I cannot have too many mouthpieces. I am continually looking for mouthpieces to refurbish them and to quicken them and this night I am going to anoint you with fresh oil that as never before there will come into your lives and into your ministry a very definitive" thus saith the Lord".


My people need to be assured that when my trumpet sounds it sounds a good victory note.... That when my trumpet is blown there is nothing uncertain about it. My son and my daughter, I want you to know that some of the lives of my people even in this place are being enveloped in sea of uncertainty. Oh it is true they are certain about certain things I want them to be certain about those things most surly to be believed. Things that cannot be deviated from things that cannot be put on the shelf for a more opportune moment, but things that are vital for their upward and onward maturity as children of God. "Yes, saith the Lord," I have found you to be my mouthpieces, But from this moment on your whole beings will become my mouthpieces.


The way you look, the way you glance, the way you shake hands, the way you embrace, the way you pray, the way you testify, the way you speak, the way you walk, your entire being shall trumpet forth the certainty of the Lord's presence in your lives. "Oh saith the Lord" it is common place of me to tell you that your bodies are the temples of the Holy Ghost, it is common place for me to tell you that you are my workmanship, but what is not so common place is this - that I have made you to be uniquely you. And I will continue to do so and no one will be able to identify you as being like someone else but they will be able to identify you as being like me your Lord.


For I am still the most unique amongst the unique ones. You have prayed from your earliest days of conversion and you have sung to be like Jesus all I ask is to be like Him. And that is a request that I am diligently answering. For I am making you, transforming you my son and my daughter. What does today's glory feel like compared to yesterday's glory? Changed from glory to glory by my spirit uh - that is a foretaste of tomorrow's glory and the day afters' glory and next weeks' glory and next month's glory and next year's glory which will ultimately lead you into the glory of the eternal ages. And whilst there are some who can cry vociferously glory - your lives will cry glory and you will be blessed and I will be honored - "Saith the Lord"!