Dear CVLI Member,

We'd like to thank you once again for purchasing the CVLI Video License a few months ago. Your purchase shows your respect for the copyright
 law and for the rights of those who create the movies we all enjoy.
 Clearly, as a CVLI Member Licensee, you care about doing things right. 

Besides providing the license that gives you the permission to show movies for sermon illustrations, special event movie nights, school or
 childcare programs, student/children's ministries, etc., CVLI would also like to become more of a resource-assisting you with helpful information
 and insights to help you use movies more effectively in your ministries.  We plan to provide many other valuable ministry tools in the CVLI
 e-newsletter in the coming months.
If this is your preferred email address for CVLI information, you don't need to do anything. But if you'd rather receive CVLI notices at
 another email box, please email us at from your preferred email address and please include your name, your position/role,
 your church/facility name, and your CVLI license number.  This will ensure that you receive important announcements and ministry/producer updates
 in a more timely manner.  Your email will only be used by CVLI for license-related purposes and will not be sold/rented to any third party.

Also, we are frequently adding to our list of participating producers.
 Please check the website at for a current list.

May God bless you in this upcoming ministry year,

License Renewal Manager