Syracuse Airport Christian Fellowship & Ministries International

Frequently asked Questions:

1. How did you arrive at the name for Syracuse Airport Christian Fellowship & Ministries International?

The name was derived from the Vision and Dialog with personal and close associates that were part of our home fellowship just prior to incorporating as a Ministry. It was based on: 1) we were trying to reach out to Syracuse and the surrounding CNY Region. 2) The Vision took place across the street from the Airport at the Taft Road Plaza 3) We were Christian 4) We were a home fellowship at the time and primarily a Ministry first. 5) On July 29th, 2001, exactly 4 years to the day of ministry incorporation, July 29, 1997, the church was planted out the ministry by prophetic words from Prophetic and Apostolic leaders beginning in 1999 and 2000.

The Final name (International) was added upon and incorporated in 2007 with an Apostolic and prophetic five fold ministry government. It is based on Divine Government and SACFMI is the oversight of SACFM Philippines In General Santos City, Island of Mindanao. There are 19 churches there that encompasses thousands of saints including the mountain tribes.

2. Are you related in some way to the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship?

Yes, We have been a "Friend in Harvest," which is a relational level of the "Partners/Friends In Harvest" with TACF since the late 1990's.  Former New York State Supreme Court Justice (Ret.) Ralph & Inger Beisner are the Northeastern US Regional directors of PIH/FIH at TACF. Ralph serves on SACFMI's Apostolic Council. He is also one of the five who Ordained James C Exner.

The others are Michael Bristol, Diane Bristol, Aaron Evans, Bret Wade, Adrianne Hawthorn (deceased), also on Jim's apostolic council.