For Apostolic/Prophetic Five-Fold Ministries


A True Snake Story    by Pastor James C Exner

Moving in Apostolic - by John Eckhardt

The Gift of Apostle - by David Cannistraci

(A Biblical look at Apostleship and how God is using it to bless His Church today)

The Last Apostles on Earth - Dr. Roger Sapp

Apostles, Prophets, and the Coming Moves Of God - by Bill Hamon

(Godís End-Time Plans for His Church and Planet Earth)

Prepare the Way - by Robert Stearns

The New Apostolic Churches - by General Editor C. Peter Wagner

(CONTRIBUTORS: Bill Hybels, Wellington Boone, John Eckhardt, Larry Kreider, Robert Lairdon, Rice Brooks, John Kelly , David Kim, Bill Hamon, Dick Iverson, Ralph Moore, William Kumuyi, Lawrence Khong, Eddie Villanueva, Joseph Wongsak, Paul Daniel, Michael Fletcher, Billy Joe Daugherty)

Church Quake - by C. Peter Wagner

Five Pillars of the Apostolic - by Michael Scantlebyry

Give the Lord back His Church - by Dale Rumble

The Complete Wineskin - by Harold R. Eberle

(Reconstructing the church for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit)

Growing In The Prophetic - by Mike Bickle w/Michael Sullivant

Unmasking the Jezebel spirit - by John Paul Jackson

The Prophetic Ministry - by Rick Joyner

The Open Church - by James H. Rutz

Behold The Harvest - by Dale Rumble

Dawning Glory - by Donald Rumble

Prophets and Personal Prophecy - by Dr. Bill Hamon

End Time Warriors - by Dr. John P Kelly

The House of His Choosing... is the House He is Building - by Jim Wies / Forward by Dr. Bill Hamon

The Next Move Of God -by Fuchsia Pickett

(A divine revelation of the Coming Revival)

The Elijah Task - by John and Paula Sanford